Odd Sheep

Prestine Record’s new artist Lucid alongside Emye have released their bonafide song titled “Odd Sheep.”

“Because of the uncensored truth I decide to share and divulge in my lyrics, I at times get backlash for it from our community to the point where I feel like I’m the odd one out.  Nevertheless, I challenge Christian artists of any genre to do the same; to be authentic, be genuine, and share with the world the stage they’re currently at in their walk with Christ because we are all works in progress,” shares Emye.

Lucid adds, “I deal with the same issue. I have been ridiculed for  uncensored lyrics, but in my opinion, the truth that I share is stuff that individuals deal with on an everyday basis. Just as the Bible has examples of many prophets and followers who have been completely honest about their lives, it is important for Christian artists to do the same. Emye and I have shared our personal life experiences in this track, and due to its frankness, we are considered as ‘Odd Sheep’.”


April 29, 2016

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